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The Singapore Heritage Society and Bukit Brown
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All the latest on the Singapore Heritage Society and Bukit Brown…

Singapore Heritage Society Statement on the listing of Bukit Brown in 2014 World Monuments Watch (10 Oct 2013)

Response to announced road alignment (21 March 2012)

Read our statement in response to the government’s announcement of the road alignment…

Position Paper on Bukit Brown (first online 5 Feb 2012)

The paper can be downloaded here.

Media Statements

The Singapore Heritage Society has been actively making its voice heard through various media platforms. The following are some examples:

Letter in The Sunday Times: ‘Nothing concrete in earlier plans for Bukit Brown’ (27 Nov 2011), by Dr Chua Ai Lin & Dr Terence Chong

Letter in The Straits Times: ‘SHS efforts in Bukit Brown issue thus far’ (20 Nov 2011)

‘Saving Bukit Brown’. An Op-Ed article for the Straits Times (17 Nov 2011), by Terence Chong & Chua Ai Lin

Statement by Singapore Heritage Society after meeting with Minister of State for National Development Tan Chuan-Jin (24 Oct 2011)

Singapore Heritage Society Press Release: Clarification on Collaboration Between SHS and URA/LTA (20 Oct 2011)

Response by Singapore Heritage Society to LTA’s press release of 12 September 2011 (17 Sep 2011)

Statement by Singapore Heritage Society on Bukit Brown Cemetery: Proposed Dual 4-Lane Road Project (13 Sep 2011)

See also the Society’s general position and other information on Bukit Brown Cemetery.

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