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Talk: The Native Plants of Singapore: Growing Your Natural Heritage. A talk by Dr Hugh Tan
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venue: The POD. Level 16, National Library. 100 Victoria Street
date | time: Saturday, 9 Jul 2011 | 3.00-5.00 pm
admission: Free and open to the public
enquiries: (Wendy)

The native plants of any country are indigenous species that naturally occur there and have evolved in that country over thousands or millions of years. Although Singapore has about 2,145 native species of vascular plants consisting of the fern allies, ferns, gymnosperms, and flowering plants, the landscaping in the urban area, such as streets, parks, gardens, and even rooftop gardens, is done mostly using non-native or exotic species, usually from Central or South America, Africa or other parts of Asia. This is a great shame since many Singaporean species are equally, if not more, attractive and suitable for planting in urban conditions. In this talk, the case will be made for “going native” and how to grow native plants. The native plants of Singapore are part of our natural heritage, so we should do our best to propagate, protect and preserve them for posterity.

Hugh TW Tan is a Singaporean Associate Professor of Botany at the Department of Biological Sciences, National University, and Deputy Director of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. His current areas of research include conservation biology, the horticultural use of native plants of Singapore, and urban agriculture. He has edited and/or written many books and book chapters on the biology of plants and natural history of Singapore, including The Natural Heritage of Singapore (3rd Edition), A Guide to Growing the Native Plants of Singapore, Growing at Your Doorstep: 35 Native Plants of Singapore (2nd Edition), A Guide to the Threatened Plants of Singapore, A Guide to the Orchids of Singapore (Revised Edition), A Guide to the Carnivorous Plants of Singapore, Plant Magic: Auspicious and Inauspicious Plants from around the World, etc.

Read PDF Brochure of The Native Plants of Singapore- Growing Your Natural Heritage- A talk by Dr Hugh Tan

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