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CakapHeritage: The ‘Swinging 60’s’ to the ‘Disco Years’
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21 November 2014 (Fri) 7.30pm-9pm
library@Orchard, #03-12 orchardgateway, 218 Orchard Road
Free registration | Limited to 70 pax
Register with Ms June Pok (
Seats are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis

Live music was played in many spots along Orchard Road, such as hotel lounges, jazz clubs and tea-dances. As Orchard Road transformed through the years, different genres of music were played in those spots too. Lounge jazz, RocknRoll grooves brought about by Beatlemania, R&B, funk, soul, blues rock, psychedelic rock and heavy metal, Orchard has heard them all.

Did you jump, jive an’ wail at afternoon tea dances? Do you remember being serenaded by the live bands? Or perhaps danced to the funky beat of Stayin’ Alive in the discos of the 1970s and 1980s? Join us and share your memories of the entertainment soundscapes of Orchard Road, from the ‘Swingin’ 60s’ to the ‘Disco Years’.

CAKAP HERITAGE (let’s talk about heritage) is an informal session where participants freely share their memories on specific topics. This session is organised by SHS and NAS, inconjunction with the irememberOrchard exhibition held at library@Orchard.

Please note that the session will be recorded. Recording and photos taken will be used for marketing and other purposes.

Local bands such as The Straydogs (featured in picture above during a performance in Telok Paku) used to perform at the Golden Venus in Orchard Hotel in the 1960s. Courtesy of Lim Kiang.

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