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Stories Behind the Restoration: Yueh Hai Ching: Stories Behind the Restoration
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Stories Behind the Restoration:
Yueh Hai Ching: Stories Behind the Restoration
a temple walking tour — to commemorate the International Day on Monuments and Sites

10.00am Saturday 19 Apr 2014
Yueh Hai Ching, 30B Philip Street
Limited to 20 participants
This tour is for SHS members and byregistration only. To join, please email
The Singapore Heritage Society thanks Tote Board and Singapore Turf Club for their generous support.

Singapore’s oldest and most significant Teochew temple, Wak Hai Cheng Bio (the Yueh Hai Ching temple),recently completed its comprehensive restoration that commenced in 2011. Preparation for the restoration started earlier in 2009. The five-year long project was met with many challenges that involves different architectural trades and crafts.

Join Dr Yeo Kang Shua, architectural conservator responsible for the project, on a special guided tour for Singapore Heritage Society Members of the restored temple which dates back to 1895 (in its current form).

The International Day on Monuments and Sites. Every year, 18 April is celebrated around the world as the International Day on Monuments and Sites. For the first time in Singapore,this occasion is being marked by a series of specialist tours of three of our the oldest historic sites by the Singapore Heritage Society. This is not only a day to celebrate our national heritage, but also a day of international solidarity in favour of strengthening and safeguarding Heritage world-wide.

YEO KANG SHUA has worked on many architectural conservation projects and collaborated in many archaeological projects in Singapore. He has published widely on theory of architecture, conservation and history. He was twice part of teams that won the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation: Award of Excellence for the Hong San See Temple Restoration Project (2010);and the inaugural heritage award Jury Commendation for Innovation for Yuhu Elementary School Project in Lijiang, China (2005). He is an Assistant Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

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