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Singapore’s Monuments & Landmarks: A Philatelic Ramble

About This Book

The rich diversity of Singapore’s heritage in postage stamps may be something of a surprise! This finely illustrated softback written for children and adults gives details and stories about the significance of the buildings and objects depicted. These include official buildings, places of worship, rivers and bridges, nature parks, and monuments, including now-dismantled Japanese shrines. This book opens many windows onto Singapore’s history.

Format: Paper Back, 96 pages
Published: 2007, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN: 9789810578091

Memories and the National Library: Between Forgetting And Remembering (2000)

by Kwok Kian Woon, Ho Weng Hin and Tan Kar Lin (eds.)


The Singapore Heritage Society has undertaken this compilation of articles and letters that appeared in the local press over the controversial decision by the government to demolish the National Library building at Stamford Road. Earmarked as the new site for a management university, the centrally-located area has since 1960 evoked a host of sentiments for thousands of Singaporeans, who face the loss of yet another built memory.

Rethinking Chinatown And Heritage Conservation In Singapore (2000)

by Kwok Kian-Woon, C.J. Wee Wan-Ling and Karen Chia (eds)


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SHS book in PDF: Rethinking Chinatown

N.B.: Appendix (pages 60-88) are not available in the PDF version.


A preliminary review conducted by the Singapore Heritage Society of the Singapore Tourism Board’s multi-million dollar proposal to “revitalise” Chinatown. The book documents the courses that are relevant for the implementation of the STB plans; draw lessons from the Chinatown debate and reflect on the future directions for the development of other heritage sites in Singapore.


The study presents:

1. The Chinatown heritage.

2. Challenges in the revitalization of Chinatown.

3. Opportunities for the redevelopment of Chinatown.

4. A consideration of the STB proposal.

Living Legacy: Singapore’s Architectural Heritage Renewed (1994) by Robert Powell

Some of the finest buildings in Singapore have been lovingly restored during the 1980s and gazetted as national monuments. Visit these private homes and national monuments through this coffee table book with extensive photography by celebrated local photographer Albert Lim Koon Seng.